About Caroline Kraus

San Francisco Collage Artist

Caroline Kraus grew up in Cleveland and moved to San Francisco in the 1980’s.

For her collages, Caroline collects and cuts out pictures, designs and objects from everyday cards, menus, ads, flyers, matchbooks: anything that catches her eye. She also uses objects such as pieces of used jewelry, feathers, crystals and stickers.

She is often drawn to symbolic objects such as pathways, water, fish, windows, and the all present feminine. She has always liked seeing small things large, and large things small, as you will see in her work.

Caroline’s collages have been displayed in restaurants, beauty salons and store windows in San Francisco. She is a member of the San Francisco Women Artists, and has displayed in their gallery as well.

She has been consigned to make collages for: a gay wedding, a 5 yr old’s birthday, a mother’s 60th birthday and as a present to a kid who really likes monkeys.

Caroline’s collages have been purchased by psychotherapists and doctors for their offices, and she would like to expand her talents to office spaces and waiting room enhancement.